FAST & EASY® 全能玻璃清潔劑

  • 直接使用
  • 鹼性配方能有效快速去除油脂污垢
  • 用途甚廣,適用於任何玻璃表面(鏡鋼), 金屬及塑膠, 而且不會造成損害


Formulated to meet the health, safety and performance expectations of today’s housekeeping personnel, Fast & Easy cleans fast and dries quickly without streaks. Versatile. Use on any washable surface. Fast & Easy’s butoxyethanol solvent system cuts through grease, soot, animal fats and other hard to remove soils by simply spraying and wiping dry. Fast & Easy has been formulated for industrial, institutional and commercial use and is, therefore, designed to clean windows, mirrors, display cases, salad bar guards, crystal and hard surfaces, such as formica counter tops, table tops, plastic laminated surfaces, chrome, brass, stainless steel and painted surfaces not harmed by water.

COLOR: Yellow
PH: 9.0 – 10.0
SCENT: Lemon