M*95™ 全能洗石水

  • 可直接使用 或 稀釋使用
  • 9.5%鹽酸具備非離子配方, 不會對外酸性表面造成任何損害
  • 有效去除硬水垢, 鐵鏽, 有機物, 霉斑及金屬氧化物等等
  • 可使用於瓷磚瓷器, 淋浴牆, 浴缸,洗手盆, 馬桶和小便池等等, 以提升潔亮度但不具備消毒效果


M*95 quickly removes soap, hard-water deposits and tough stains such as verdigris, rust, mildew and uric acid from tile, porcelain, vitreous china and metal. M*95 has many uses-from soap scum remover to metal brightener. M*95 will not harm acid-resistant surfaces when used according to directions and has a fresh outdoor fragrance and deodorizes as it cleans.

COLOR: Green
PH: <1