THE FIXX 超亮高固全能面蠟

  • 直接使用
  • 能應用在木地板及膠地板上, 直接使用, 無需底蠟
  • 使用後能提供高光澤度而且耐用的蠟面
  • 速乾及抗濕性配方, 大大提升地板的壽命


The Fixx is a premium 25% high solids floor finish that contains patented optically enhanced polymer technology to create depth of gloss and remarkable clarity. The Fixx creates a clear, bright, non-yellowing gloss on floors. The formula provides initial deep gloss that will actually increase over time in response to burnishing. The end result is a durable, burnishable finish with high shine and long life.

DILUTION: Ready to use
PH: 8.0 – 9.0