ON BASE® 基礎硬底蠟

  • 直接使用
  • 22%固體百分比, 使用後有助把地板完全密封, 而且不會發黃
  • 能打好護理地板的基礎, 更減少翻新周期耐用堅固


On Base provides a tough, durable protective base that resists water marks and scuffs and keeps scratches from penetrating through to base flooring. Unlike other seals, On Base may be used on a variety of hard floors including resilient tile, rubber, asphalt, vinyl, vinyl asbestos and vinyl composition, synthetic-type gym floors, as well as some types of marble, wood and slate.

COLOR: Milky
PH: 8.0 – 8.5
SCENT: Acrylic