SNB-130™ 除油劑

  • 可1:64 – 1:10使用
  • 高鹼性配方有效對抗油污, 適合用於清潔廚房, 餐廳地下以及廚餘收集箱等等
  • 多種稀釋比例以應付不同工作需要
  • 不會釋放任任何有害物質而且非易燃, 能夠在廚房餐廳內放心使用


Non-butyl, extra heavy duty detergent degreaser formulated for use in industrial and institutional facilities. Excellent kitchen and restaurant degreaser. Extra degreasing boost cuts though greasy build-ups and heavy encrustations. Contains no butyl or toxic solvents. No abrasives. No harmful vapors. No butyl kickback. Non-flammable. Biodegradable. Kosher and Pareve.

COLOR: Purple
DILUTION: 1.5 – 12 oz./gal.
PH: 13.3 – 13.7
SCENT: none