PLUS-5® 高泡地氈水

  • 可1:16 – 1:10使用
  • 高鹼性配方(pH9.5-10), 能有效對抗油污,適用於餐廳工作
  • 高泡配方, 更容易洗出地氈殘留物
  • 擁有防污劑 RES-X, 令清洗過的地氈能保持潔淨, 防止塵埃或殘留物再滲入地氈纖維
  • 有抗靜電特性, 使地氈密度更高, 能有效阻擋污垢積聚


Formulated with high foaming, synthetic wetting and drying agents, inorganic builders, buffers, and solvents. Plus 5 is designed for extremely heavy duty shampooing tasks. Use in foam or rotary machines. Fast acting detergent complex penetrates and emulsifies grease, oil and ordinary soil. Anti-static.

COLOR: Yellow
DILUTION: 8 – 13 oz./gal.
PH: 9.5 – 10.0
SCENT: Banana